Jacksonville Airboat Tours

Sea Serpent Tours is featured in the January/February 2017 issue of the Florida Times Union “First Coast Magazine” and the January 2016 issue of “Airboating Magazine”. We were also featured on “River City Live” in September 2016. Sea Serpent Tours is leading the charge in becoming Jacksonville Florida’s premier adventure for viewing the shallow water habitats and ecosystems of the beautiful Saint John’s River and its surrounding tributaries of Trout Creek and Six Mile Creek.

Our clients experience the exhilarating thrill of skimming across waters that are less than 3 inches in depth in a state of the art custom built airboat. The boats boast a 632 cubic inch high performance engine capable of producing over 850 horse power.

Take a leisurely cruise deep into the backwoods swamps of Six Mile Creek, where you’ll receive a personal narration of the rich history of North East Florida’s St. Johns River. You will cruise along the waterways that intersect with the William Bartram Trail Scenic Highway. Hear about local legends and help find the remains of a greedy pirate named Capt. Blye, who stole ship’s treasure off a Spanish Galleon, and sailed around through the treacherous waters of Jacksonville. He later sank only 50 feet from the shoreline and dying alone while surrounded by hundreds of hungry alligators.

Sea Serpent Tours provide extraordinary opportunities to view wildlife in its natural habitat that consists of Gators, Turtles, Snakes, Eagles, Herons, Osprey, Egrets, Ibis, Hawks, Owls, Deer, Wild Boar, and much more. See the amazing views of Cypress Forests that fill the shallow waters and swamplands of the surrounding waterways. Fly through the marshes and saw grass along the banks of the Saint Johns River. Witness the spectacular sunsets and painted skies. Located about 20 miles south of Jacksonville, and 19 miles west of historical Saint Augustine, Sea Serpent Tours is uniquely positioned to provide convenient access, yet unprecedented opportunities to view the greater Jacksonville areas spectacular wildlife and swamplands.

Daily operations from the Sea Serpent port located at 6550 SR 13 N, St Augustine Florida, 32092.